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Posted on : 16-01-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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I explain some tools i’m using when I study my law courses – to be able to move through lots of information quicker Here’s the link to my blog article regard…

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Comments (21)

@southanjuna What i already notice is that my comprehension is better when
i read faster – yet i’m still training it to be fully effective – so i use
the speedreading but i still have to read the text a couple of times
(reading the book 3 times fo instance) And yes – the point is to not read
with an ‘inner voice’ because that will slow down your comprehension – this
is why Breathing assissts me a lot when i read beause then i remain here
physical – yet this is also a work in progress

I have done this with a pencil, tracing the line as I read! I found it very
steadying! Thanks Gabriel.

@annabrixthomsen I just placed it !!!

@GabrielZamoraMoreno – Thanks!

Is just seeing the text enough to comprehend and memorize it? What about
the inner voice that reads? Thanks!

Any tips to fast reading from a computer screen?

@RobertW1809 yes

lol- “the reading blinder”

Hm, interesting. I agree with the card above statement. When i use a
reading aid (finger) then it sometimes confuses me because i can see the
characters below the particular line being read and i basically start to
read both lines at the same time. But I disagree with the pace our eyes
statement a bit (although it helps at first, but you’re still reading with
same technique, just faster.) See the Christian Grüning book for details
since comment can be only 500 chars. long.

Very interesting. thanks

Yes, it is about eye movement and its effect on speed-reading. I only made
that comment because of what i experienced in the last couple of minutes of
the video. I am sorry if you found it not to be a funny joke. Good video by
the way :) i have been practicing since the day i left the comment above.
Live a little :P

Cool Gabriel! I have found this to be effective as well. Using a pencil to
to guide my sight, to help train my eyes to move consistently and my
reading is improving! Thanks for sharing this!

@MayaHarelHere Haven’t trained that yet ut if it is effective with paper
text the pencil becomes unnecesary so i suppose the eyes should also be
able to handle computer text the same way as paper text

You should make your videos with only your nose and mouth or just your
mouth showing :P

thanks gabriel

Where’s the link? :-)

lol – thanks. What I am noticing now in my studies is that speedreading
will not be so effective to read a book or a text the first time. So,now I
actually do the opposite: slower reading: to make sure I understand every
word and the relationship of the word in relation to all the other words;
Speed reading can be a tool to re-read afterwards when you have understood

cool i took a course of it, but i left it, when i was like 14, because i
wsn’t constant in my exercises, i had to do everyday 15 minutes only! but i
missed many days so at the end i didn’t haf results.The exercises were easy
but i wanted quiq results- and it seemed difficult to achieve the skills
they said in the end i would have, like reading one page with one look.
amazing stuff, but maybe it’s really probible! but wow! one can gain lots
of view like in the eyes the muscles are gonna exercise.

@HijamaTeam In a course I followed it was suggested that one can for
instance speed-read an article and then have another person ask questions
about it to see if one have actually grasped the content

Ok – test – can you tell me what this video is about ?

Ok this will be my first time on speed reading self-training. Im gonna use
your technique which is pointing the pencil on top of the words. I just did
a comparison btwn top and botton.. yes i think top is much more better !!!
Thank you for sharing this method! But i need more guidance from you. For
example… Should i recall by writing down all the things that ive captured
immediately after reading a paragraph, for instance? Also, do you write
articles on Speed Reading?

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