a question about pelvic exams?


Posted on : 08-04-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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Does anyone know the normal procedure of a pelvic exam?
I have PCOS and my doctor put me on Loestrin 24- after a few months of having a lighter periods- my period fully stopped last month. I took a home pregnancy test and one at my gyno.’s office- both of these tests came back negative. However, she said I still needed a pelvic exam.
I was really nervous and uncomfortable because I didn’t really know what it was. I have had a pap smear before- but, I just wasn’t mentally prepared to have her examine me. She jelled up her finger and slide it all the way down the outer part of my vagina before putting her finger inside me. I felt my stomach turn when she did this and I was very uncomfortable.
I am NOT comfortable going back to her because of this- has anyone else experienced this? Should I say something to her?
It wasn’t even so much of her putting her finger inside me- it was how she did it

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Well, I’m sorry if it was unexpected, but that’s what a pelvic exam is and she was just doing her job. It’s not the greatest experience ever but if she had actually found anything out of the ordinary you’d be thanking your lucky stars. Next time around if it makes you more comfortable ask her to narrate each step for you so you have a better idea about what’s going on.

this is a pelvic exam they also feel the outer aspect of you vaginal area and sometimes your labia, lumps can form here also the next time a doctor is going to do something to you and you do not know what it is ask them, don’t be afraid to talk to any of your doctors. they may make more money then you but you are paying them for a service ask questions.

The secret is to RELAX your stomach muscles. Also, with a pelvic exam she will also be doing a breast exam. Just so you know. It goes really fast.

You know, you can always switch to a man doctor. There’s always a nurse in the room. Always ask either to be gentle because this is your first actual pelvic exam. you have to RELAX. You’ll be fine. :)

(Edit) I just re-read your question, and no, no doctor has slid his hand down the outside of my vagina. I wouldn’t like that either. Like I said, you can switch doctors, or at least now you know what to expect. That must be how she was taught to do it. Ick.

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