Anyone know any good study tips for high school?


Posted on : 14-08-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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well see im trying to get all A’s and B’s on my report card but every time i get it i always get atleast 1 C on my report card would anyone know any good study tips for tests or quizzes to improve my grade?

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I experience the same problems that you face. All I can say is make flash cards with questions and answers, stay after school to get extra help by teachers or tutors, study at least an hour a day for any upcoming test. If you don’t reach your goals don’t give up just try even harder and possibly hire a tutor

Dude the feeling is mutual..
I got 3 A’s, 7 B’s and 1 C’s in my last report. Annoyin right?
I think that simply the more work I put in the more points I get.
Study in a quiet, not too cold and not too hot place, make sure there are distractions (iphone, laptop, fb)! Take a 5 mins break by going and getting a refreshing drink..
(I’m 14)

I’m a freshie in HS, right now, and this quarter I want to get on High Honor Roll (That means you have a 90 GPA or higher) and my lowest grade is an 88 (B+).

Here’s what I did to get mostly all A’s:

-Make a plan: Make sure you have a plan for everything. When you’re doing your homework (always do the hardest ones first, and then the easiest) and when I’m going to study for my test/quizzes. I study a week head of time, so I’m not stressed out. On the night before the test/quiz I always review

-Do your homework: Even though it may seem like a little thing, homework counts A LOT. If you hand in all of your homework, that can boost up your grade by a few points! Try to hand in your homework on time so you can get full credit.

-Go to extra help: If you don’t understand the subject, ask for help! Your teacher enjoys it when a student comes for extra help (especially when they’re not doing so well) because that shows that the student wants to improve his/her grade.
***Also, as for extra credit/extra work in order to improve your grade by a few points

-Class: Pay attention in class! Take down notes, and ask questions. If you don’t understand it, go to your teacher during or after class and ask them about the information. You can also ask a student who understands the topic for help.

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