Are there any methods for improving memory ?


Posted on : 17-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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I’m looking for tips to improve my memory. Thanks in advance.

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Getting adequate sleep and good rest is key. Also, caffeine does help with focusing and learning.

Check this out:


just eat dry fruits
thats the best deal

There are vitamins and suppliments for memory improving, but the best method is by using flash cards. Simple grab a set of index cards and jot down a title/topic then a brief definition or description below. Preferably about a sentence or two the most. All you need is about a half hour a day just reviewing the cards and it should begin to form a mental picture embedded in your brain. So, when someone speaks the title or name that card with the description should stand out in your mind. YOu can even use colorful markers and categorize the topics to take it a step further.
Another great method is to collaborate with a group of 2-3 people and take turns repeating the subject and description. Groups often help with study skills.

I hope I helped!

There are various herbs and vitamins you can take.. try focus fast… helped with my memory – but take as directed b/c it’s potent.

As there are herbal supplements for physical health, there are supplements for memory health available too. Ginseng is a nature’s given blessing for human brain. It acts as vitamin supplement to sharpen memory. Its herbal extracts are available as ginkoba memory supplement ( ) that are 100% pure and herbal.

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