Binaural Beats – Concentration 1 hour session – 40hz pure


Posted on : 24-04-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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40 hz beat frequency for concentration/focus and a base frequency of 128 to stimulate the heart chakra. use headphones, HD is your friend! enjoy and subscrib…

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Comments (25)

attach your speakers to your ears :P

I’m sure half of the effect is from taking a few minutes out of your day to do nothing!

sehr gut! könnte noch tiefer sein, bis ins Hirn

Gamma frequency (40hz) is the level at which microtubules (switchs withing each brain cell)reach a tresh hold, allowing your brain to have a conscious moment. Neurobiologist Stuart Hameroff explains it better: watch?v=KnC-Cc0EXxA

listened to this for the entire thing while studying. REALLY felt weird when it stopped. replay.

I thought, I was being subjected to two different frequencies one through each ear, and the this difference causes an apparent beat which is not inherent in the original sound? And hence the name binaural beat?

The beat is irrelevant. The frequency of the tone you’re hearing is what makes your brain go into a certain state. If a “binaural beat” actually has a beat then it’s just fluff.

Where are the beats? All that I can hear is a loud buzzing noise. Help please

I really agree with that. Though I’m only at 7 minutes right now, I took out my headphones and kept studying quietly – works way better than when having to try ignoring this sound while reading something..

So far so good, but I’m afraid effect will fade over time as brain grows more used to it. Anyway, just need to save it and not overuse it whenever.

Love these concentration beats. Listen to them when writing long papers or doing diffeq. Really helps a lot.

i think the biggest benefit from this is that you can see howlong you are already trying to learn and if you, like me are trying to learn and see that after 20 min listening to this annoying sound, you havent done anything, you will probably start doing some stuff! :D

ok so i took out my headphones at 43:44 because i needed to get up, but now my ears are still ringing constantly just like the video was and just as loud and its freaking me out and wont go away… wtf

i dont think so.

Yea, you can use isochronic tones.

Try isochronic tones.

is there anything like this which works on speakers?

These are binaural beats so the speakers won’t really work.

Does this works with speakers too? because my left headphone isn’t working anymore so I cant use stereo sound…

Binaural beats are new to me I have researched for a decade about meditation before I found binaural beats so the subject is still new to me and I’m still in the process of experimenting with it. I have found no proof of which is a better frequency but I believe the steady sounds just help staying focused. Music is a combination of several frequencies and some studies have shown some music to be beneficial. You can but I can’t say if you still benefit from them if mixed.

ok last post, lol like I said, short answers are hard to give because of the web of knowledge related to “mental abilities”. And I have so many theories but I digress…so that’s why breathing exercises exist, when you breathe at a steady pace you take away the job of the subconscious so you can more easily fall into a trance while doing so. What happened is that you got in touch with your subconscious, making easier for you to concentrate and stay focused instead of “spacing out”.

the idea behind training to concentrate is to eliminate random thoughts that pop in your head. Easier said than done I know. Once someone is capable of doing this he/she can more easily fall into a trance state and accomplish many things after that, dream recollection and clairvoyance usually follow with training. Your subconscious does many things that you have no control over, like you heartbeat and breathing. Yes you can control breathing but should you fail to, you wont stop breathing….

I have been studying everything relating to brain/subconscious mostly telekinesis and things related for over a decade now. It’s hard to give a short answer to this but what you’re saying is perfectly normal. When I first started out that was the problem, it seems liek your brain just wont stop thinking even when you concentrate, that’s what these sounds help for. They help you stay focused on something (like your heartbeat) to fall into a trance with ease….follow up on this reply

I grew sick after 30 secs of this but felt better soon after

there are so many different frequencies and tones, can we listen to more than one at a single time.?

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