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Posted on : 12-04-2015 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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The importance of using a guide while reading.

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Comments (25)

By the way, the website which suggests that hand pacing may be appropriate
is readingsoft dot com. Additionally, they also say in their FAQs that only
20 percent of speed reading aficionados will ever be able to break the
400wpm mark because they need to hear each word pronounced in their head to
comprehend. Any thoughts ?

Yes I have this problem its called subvocalization and I do it all the time
I even think with that way and even write this comment that way and I cant
get rid of it!

but how do you eradicate subvocalisation, i have tried but it just reduces
my comprehension to zero!!

This seems similar to the drawing methods described in “The Natural Way to
Draw” by the late Kimon Nikolades. One method was that the eye followed the
contours of an object so closely and sensitively, it felt as if the pen
“touched” the item’s edges. I don’t know if it is the same as the guide
described by Mr. Buzan, but it feels the same. Thank you for the very
interesting and informative video.

I would say the best method in question is to visualize large chunks of
words. This will help rid yourself of subvocalization and/or hearing the
words in your head. I find that if you just understand and visualize
everything you read, you’ll automatically go faster and understand more,
just as Mr. Buzan says.

One of the best guides for reading is the index finger, at the beginning
you will try to synchronize the movements of your eyes with the movement of
your finger, it just takes practice.

Do we have to pronounce the words with in our mind while reading or we just
need to scan the words?

so what kind of guide that we need to have when we read? :)

@streakfunken Hi, I most probably started looking around the circle from
the top right thinking on the position 1 of the clock!

It was recorded two years ago.

2.55 would have been a good time for a rick roll.

@mrdirtydead Fine fine,but just curious i guess :)

when was this recorded?

So to all he has said in this video posted above, OK, but it does not
follow yet from this that it is possible to take in words while following a
guide, nor that it is desirable. Speed reading lessons I have seen before
instead encourage you to try to take in more at a glance, and conclude that
fewer movements of the eye correspond to greater reading speed. This
certainly seemed borne out in examinations of the reading speeds and eye
movements of my class.

additionally I am looking for some strategies to eliminate subvocalization.
Do you have any strategies ? have you successfully eliminated
subvocalization while maintaining comprehension?

The guide for reading is a “YES!”? I don’t get it.

@vanderpant2116 A tip would be to bite your finger so that you stop
subvocalisation (and all decoding process/pronunciation that use unecessary
ressources) to let your brain focus at the task of understanding the

@streakfunken does it have an effect on the experiment?? No it doesnt…

alls you need to do is go through words so fast that you dont have time to
vocalize them. eventually u kick the habit as you read faster since youll
notice it slow u down and stop it. you can also try asking yourself
questions and try to talk about the text while speed reading

That is a “yes”! The guide helps you follow the reading in a more fluid

You can do that. And put it on autoscroll or something.

Im very interested in why the guy ‘hugo’ started looking around his circle
from the right.. I just wish i knew what that was about..

thanks. I really like to hear about the results of speed reading effort. I
am currently at ~210 wpm up from 100wpm using hand pacing. But I came
across a website which says finger pacing is inappropriate for reaching
800wpm. Any thoughts on that ? how fast can you read?

I’m sure speed reading works wonders for non-fiction. But how about poetry
and poetic prose novels? Can you read a novel by Martin Amis with these
speed reading techniques? Can you really appreciate Amis’s prose?

thanx this is interesting :)

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