Can someone give me tips for practicing guitar?


Posted on : 22-05-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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Like I can give a ton of study tips for academics, but when it comes to guitar I can’t find a routine that makes me sit down with it. Do you put on a movie in the background? Do you challenge yourself to learn something new? Do you fine tune learning a new song? Before you accuse me of not being passionate, i am still learning chords and scales, and its hard to be passionate when you can’t even play a song.

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You could look up beginner tabs for guitar on google or something. Just look up beginner riffs like Smoke on Water. Or if you have any friends that also want to learn guitar (or better yet, are already guitar players), maybe you could set up a little practice club type thing. Everything is more fun with friends. Or if you don’t have any friends interested, you could sign up for a class with multiple other people who are learning guitar at a music store or something.

Answer mine?

Whenever I feel I have hit a boundary in learning something, and struggle about what to learn next, I re cap something basic. For example, you are learning scales at the moment, what can you do with the scales? How many different positions can you do them in? How fast can you play it? Have you worked a correct technique for picking each note? Learning guitar isn’t all about playing songs, it’s about technique and a lot of technique will go a lot further than being able to play any old song. Also, with your chords, try to add different things to your chords. e.g play them in different positions, add extra notes, and learn the theory behind where the extra notes come from. Play the chords with different patterns and add extra chords to make a rhythm. Try not to be too technical too fast, make sure you have the basic stuff covered completely because when you have the fundamental skills, the more technical stuff will become a lot easier.

If you are just learning guitar then stay away from guitar tabliture unless you want to be a laughing stock in the professional music community. Keep up with learning scales and cords. Create a warm up routine where you just go through all of your scales and cords with different rhythms. Teachers usually already have these ready for their students that are serious about music so asking your music teacher for a sheet of guitar warm ups won’t hurt. Even if all you practice are your warm ups that’s fine. Remember that by doing them you are improving your skills and soon you will be able to pickup a piece of music and play it with ease. Try to get yourself a beginners book for guitar so that you have some simple, short and tabliture free ways to expand your musical knowledge.

PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you want to be good you gotta practice alot….unless your gifted…..or an offspring of Chuck Norris

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