Can you get an MIT education for $2,000?: Scott Young at TEDxEastsidePrep


Posted on : 05-05-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Scott is a speed-reading, vegetarian, holistic learning, productivity hacking recent university graduate. And, for the last five years he’s been experimentin…

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Comments (25)

Are you up for these challenges? Finish MIT Computer Science 4-year courses
in 12 months. Live in 4 different countries for 3 months each and don’t use
your native language. Learn more about these talented guys below.

“This blog is a series of philosophical ramblings I use to answer this
question. I’ve written close to 900 articles, and a few free ebooks and
guides exploring what it means to get more from life.
The theme of posts ranges from productivity to learning to the meaning of
life. Typically my emphasis is on readers in their twenties, since that
represents my vantage point, but the site enjoys readers from teenagers to
My purpose in writing isn’t to assert that my view is always correct
(although I’m an opinionated guy), but rather to suggest a viewpoint,
encourage discussion and move a few steps closer to answering that

Can you get an MIT education for $2,000?: Scott Young at TEDxEastsidePrep

This kind of education is in my kids’ future—college isn’t worth it anymore.

#education #diy #college #university 

Yes go to educator dot com. If I had the resources that they have now when
I went to school, then I would be a genius. I would say more than half the
hard science curriculum is available online so it helps students who are
currently enrolled a jump start. The competition is going to be tougher
because more people are going to know the stuff before entering the
classroom or better yet not even enter a physical classroom.

Online was much better for me as well.

I am a first year university student and have to agree that most of my time
is wasted doing useless things I don’t want to do and in traveling.
However, I believe that is it very difficult for someone who has never been
to university to be able to learn a subject on their own, let alone an
entire degree because they can’t appreciate how much more beneficial it is
to self-study and avoid the bureaucracy and all the bullshit found at

Solid talk, I’ve been thinking the exact same thing about the future of
education… more remote learning, more modular coursework and fewer
distractions, logistics and $$$$

This kid shows all of the signs of the disease of the soul called
Liberalism. At 1:50 he delights in showing his allegiance to our
sacral Marxist religion of equality by implying he eschewed a career in
Computer Science because that commitment would have meant fewer females.
His interests as a male (and assuredly as a white had it warranted it) were
nothing in the face of inequality of outcomes, the hallmark of the modern
liberal mind. Everything MUST be equal. I cannot tell you the hatred this
inspires in me at times that other white males would gleefully abjure their
own interests. This androgynous android, creature-of-the-Neo-Left flashes
his credentials as a feckless, testosterone-free eunuch and faithful agent
of the Marxist revolutionaries who run this degenerate culture (mainly
Jews), attempting to curry favor and buy more indulgences from our new
Church in Rome to atone for his original sin of “whiteness” or “maleness”;
this means we must abolish our individual interest as the opportunity cost
of avoiding the horrid accusation that we might be pursing our group
interests. Fuck Scott. This “queering” of our people is truly disgusting, I
can’t wait for the end of this country so that as many of this
organizations and people can be annihilated as possible. I came to hear a
message about increasing college tuition, knew this was a TED conference,
knew it was risky, and, sure enough (!) the performance delivered as
expected, with a glorious self-flagellating remark on white male guilt.
Want to play a game? Watch other TED videos for more self-abasing comments
on how awful it have unequal outcomes, oh the horror of privilege!!!! That
some people are better suited for some things than others, ohhhh the

after he said he listened to vids in 1.5….. i totaly went to speed and
hit 1.5 lol was so much better

self education : is it the future ? if it is then teacher will become
tutors , advisers or something like that !! I think THAT is a great idea!!

The 1.5x thing works. I started it as soon as he mentioned it, and
actually, it helps me plow through even more TED talks while working on
homework. ^-^

An education for the autodidact… something I look forward too. 

MIT in 12 months under $2000 thats just really sick. If i were this smart i
would give up 1 year and 2k dollar to have MIT Degree in computer science. 

Just stumbled onto this guy. I’ve been doing much the same for past year
while simultaneously maintaining 4.0 gpa as registered student at real

“Great if you can do it,” but I doubt you. “Show me”, as the say in
I took a class at MIT and it was VERY DIFFICULT.
Part of taking a class with others is that you stay motivated and
enthusiastic and driven by a bit of competition. I know a Princeton
student [so I think he was in the top of his high school class and was at
one time motivated] who lost his drive and never finished.
I went to a top rated university (Cornell and McGill). They told us that
only half of us would graduate. I have seen many bright and intelligent
students fail or drop out. One of those was my study partner who I knew
was smarter than I (who graduated).

The writer is a con artist who scams companies out of paying for services
they provide. I would think very hard before purchasing anything from him. 

Good video , I shared the video on my blog

Scott, I’m trying to follow your view by taking courses on Coursera -taking
advantage of courses from universities around the world. Your point on
doing this as ‘Continue Education’ is the way to go to stay up-to-date
with changes in so many professional fields. Also, congratulation in
learning languages while using NO English! I watched your videos on
learning Spanish, Portuguese, Mandarin and Korean. Again, you prove it can
be done!

God, how I wish I could be doing this. I’m so frustrated having to work at
my school’s pace rather than at my pace. I really need my degree though.

“the world is Changing to Fast to believe learning stops once you get your
diploma” Awesome.

This approach is also a good solution for “Another Brick in The Wall”

So true

I have a question, how could I get my degree papers when I finish studying
on my own?

This is basically impossible. MIT is too hard to learn all the stuff just
in 12 months… Even 4 years is too fast… I would love to see his
programming skills

Scott Young, where is your url please?

What I want to know is, how are you able to get credit for your work? 

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