Does anyone have any good interesting ways to study for semester exams?


Posted on : 18-05-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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My exams are this upcoming week and I need some good study tips!!

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i am going through the same thing right now! Its better to start studying for the harder subjects few weeks ealier and the easier ones i jus study 2 days before the exam. This method works for me.

Well, I just asked this and seem to have gotten more tips than you. Of course, not many of the ways could be called interesting, but they’re still potentially helpful.;_ylt=AoNtcQ5ZHMNC8OYrfmL1E.Lsy6IX?qid=20070113145506AAYJnfJ

You are going through what students have gone through forever, so you are not alone, and you will get through it. I’m glad you are taking a little break from the studying right now. And try to relax for a few minutes and take a few deep breaths and get a perspective on this. Get yourself a snack and a drink of water or juice or coffee, and maybe go for a short walk to clear your head. Eat a peppermint candy or drink peppermint tea – the peppermint tends to make you more alert.

One good strategy is to study with other serious students. Can you arrange a study group for the toughest subject before the test? That might help. Or talk to another student about it tomorrow and get ideas about what you should focus on. Pay particular attention to topics the teacher really focused on.

Since your finals don’t start until Wednesday you still have a few days to focus on them. Get a goodnight’s sleep before each of your tests. Make sure you eat breakfast each of those days. Answer every question even if you are not certain. Take a guess. Don’t leave blanks – educated guesses are usually better than blank paper and usually get at least a few marks.

Take a few minutes and browse through these links I have included. There are numerous similar sites that will help you develop study skills, organizational skills and so on, but start with these for now and use some of the ideas over the next week and use them throughout the next term so that you won’t feel so pressured when exam time rolls around again.

Also many questions have been asked here on Yahoo Answers about studying for exams so when you need a break from studying do a search here on this site for them and you should get quite a variety of suggestions. Often just feeling that you are being proactive and doing something about the situation will make it seem less overwhelming.

Best of luck with the exams. Don’t stay up all night studying. Being well rested for each exam will be best.

I hope these thoughts are of some help.

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