Does anyone know good study tips?


Posted on : 18-08-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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Okay, so I kind of procrastinated yet AGAIN. lol.
I have important exams tomorrow week, and I have ALOT to learn.
Does anyone have any helpful study tips? Thank you!

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First off dont prcrastinate, thats obvious.
Second make sure that you are always prepared, and procrastinating will not help you to acheive that goal.
Third, you have to have motivation to do well. If you seriously put all of this off, then most likely you will do bad ont hese exams, but use that as motivation to keep going and be a better studier. And that will put you under more pressure, which will help you a lot when you try.

Lol. I was u all throughout high school and college. Really, there r no tricks this late in the game. At this point, ur gonna have to spend the whole day studying. I kinda don’t understand if ur test is tomorrow or next week so here’s what u do. If your test is tomorrow, shut off the tv, your cell phone, any distractions and hit the books. Make a snack so u don’t have to keep getting up. This will distract u further. Find a nice quiet place to study. Even if u have to go to the library, sometimes its better than studying at home.
If ur test is next week, set aside time everyday to study. U may wanna set aside two hours a day to look at ur notes. Make sure u study for the whole time!
Sometimes it helps to tell ur teacher/professor that ur overwhelmed and ask if he or she can highlight only the important details that will be on the test. Sometimes they will give u a review.

categorise your subjects with time!(a TIME-TABLE)
for instance;keep 2 hrs for mathematics,2hrs for physics ….
Also,during daytime sleep for at least 2-3 hrs and you’ll see its impact at night!
In the morning,try your best to wake up early as morning revision is BEST above all!
This will promote the coming of ideas during your eXams..

I was in the same position as you last week.I had my mock.Find a place with no distraction. Set simple easy goals to achieve.For instance in biology ,set out with a question in mind eg. I want to know how cell spits in mitosis. this will focus your studies and should stop you looking at a book aimlessly.The next day test your self on what you learned !!

Review the main points and general ideas – how things relate, cause-and-effect. Pay
special attention to the things your teacher emphasized most in class. For stuff like math, PRACTICE. Look over old homework problems. Make sure you can do all the examples correctly. For other subjects like history or bio, know your vocabulary and use your own words to explain main concepts.

A hint I read in a study guide was to take a break for 5-10 minutes out of every hour of studying. Anytime you get distracted and stop working, the 50 minutes resets. Once you hit 50 minutes of solid studying, you can take a break. Alternate methods of studying include creating concept maps or doing online quizzes. Also, instead of carrying around a massive set of index cards, you can make your own flashcards for free at You can also share flashcards and search through the database to see if someone else has already made flashcards on the same thing.

Next time don’t cram. =/

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