Exam anxiety and nervous??!!?


Posted on : 22-02-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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My big exam is like two weeks away and I’m scared coz the exam’s results are gonna determine whether I’ll get scholarships or not. The thing is i don’t feel motivated to study (i’m not studying enough) i can’t stop myself from watching tv or surfing the internet like what i’m doing right now. Pls help me…maybe you guys who’ve been through big exams can give me some advice or some motivation..

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Okay, first off, RELAX! I know this is big, but don’t stress. You’ll get through this. Second of all, you do need to study.
Try studying with your friends. It may make studying more fun. But the key word here is: STUDY! Don’t goof off.
Does your school have after-school tutoring? If so, you could also try staying after school for a tutoring session with your teacher. You may not need tutoring, but that would ensure you actually study.
When watching T.V., during the commercials, do quick study sessions. Also, watch a show, then study for the same amount of time you watched the show. When surfing the internet, study for the same amount of time you surfed. (Example: Surf for 30 minutes, then study for 30 minutes.)
Good luck! I wish you well on your exams!

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