Exam Tips/Suggestions!?!??!?


Posted on : 11-05-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I have an exam tommorow and I’m freaking out about.
I’m 90% sure I know my stuff. But I’m really nervous about going into that HUGE gym and doing my exam.
I really freaked , and keep thinking, I’m going to blank out or completly forget about everything.
SO, are there any tips or suggestions anyone has for exams?
such as , how to stay calm and ace your exam??

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Comments (4)

Is this a GCSE geography exam?

Just relax.
Take the exam easy but not too easy.

If not then trust me enjoy those exams because GCSE’s will have you panicing.

General Tip’s –

1. Get a good nights rest.
2. Have a decent breakfast.
3. Don’t get stressed out about anything but the exam, make sure you leave in plenty of time. Don’t get there for the last minute
4. Deep breaths. Do this in the five – ten minutes before the exam. If you see a hard question during the exam then this is useful before having a crack at it.
5. Don’t revise for hours on end. Have half an hour here and there.
6. Perhaps use a stress ball or something like that to calm yourself down during and and before the exam.
7. Revise on the morning of the exam if you want your knowledge to be absolutely fresh in your mind.
8. Be cool and collective.
9. Neumonics, i dont know if they will help in your exam but they can be useful. But heres how you can remember the planets in order from the sun. Make easily remembered ones.

My —————Mercury
Method 0———- Mars

Good luck.

Aww dont worry
you said that ur 90% sure
so ur mostly likely gonna do great!
just get a good nights sleep
make sure you eat breakfast
if you exam in in the afternoon, then study a bit in the morning
it might seem really intimidating at first
but then once you start it, you dont care anymore
ur only focusing on the exam

dont worry its gonna be okay
you know your stuff so it will be alright
and like that other person said
once u get into the room, it might be a little intimidating
but once u start
it will be fine
ull be too into it
and dont worry, everyone gets nervous for exams
good luck! hope you do excellent!

Get a good nights sleep before the exam Do not study the day of and the day before the examination. Remain calm. Take a warm bath to relax yourself./

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