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Posted on : 17-04-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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This is an overview of the EyeQ program. This will show you all the features our program has to offer.

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Comments (25)

This video looks like it’s from the 80′s

The program is too expensive. I read a comment that someone ordered the
program and never got it. I would of lost my mind. I would of called them
3 times a day everyday until they got my program to me or gave me a refund.
I would of wrote several letters to them and yes filed a law suit against
them. I would of tweeted and Facebook about my experience. Posted a video
to YouTube exposing them. I would of went in. Heck, I would of called radio
stations, the new papers and News stations to get m u story everywhere. 

@MartinFortKnox I stumbled across your comment, where are you at now a year
later? I suspect a lot of these softwares are designed to give you an
illusion of progress, but what’s really happening is that you become better
at the various tasks that the software guides you through. I’m not saying
that the techniques that are used in the program are invalid, but I feel it
is better to internalize the methods and then use them all the time in real
life situations.

can you tell me how to down load reading genius 2 to an imac and load up
please have been trying for ages to find these.

I read at 148… i decresed after session 1… only by a little but still i
am a very bad reader

Try it for yourself, it’s the only real proof that will work.

I want to see studies that prooves that speed reading techniques like “no
subvocalization” works.

just download it. It’s all over torrent sites

I ordered this product & never received it. When I called them they said I
will have to file a claim with UPS. They said i need to fill out a form
that they will send me. I have been calling them now because I have not
received the form.

Ok. I dont think that i will have enough space to write the instructions
because i am only allowed 500 words so tell me an e-mail i can send you the
instructions, and also some files to install to your computer to download
the program. Dont worry none of the programs that i am going to send you
are harmful. And also tell me if you are not that good on computers so i
can make the instructions more easy and not too complicated.

Well, I don’t want to neglect the placebo effect. I still believe speed
reading techniques such as subvocalization doesn’t improve your

boop, that’s illegal. Under the “First Sale Doctrine”, any owner of legally
obtained copyrighted material may sell that copy as they wish.

And until you do something about it, you’ll always feel the same way. Have
a great life!

I have this software. Believe me, the product isn’t as bad as others say,
but the amount of cash you have to pay is not good and the customer support
is terrible. If you get past the issues, it’s a decent software.

@myrtlebeachpimp filestube (google it) is the second best way to pirate
programs. using torrents is the best way. “filestube” is a site that
searches all download sites like megaupload, rapidshare, etc. so it
compiles all the results into one list. “torrentz” is another site that
searches all torrent sites like piratebay, isohunt, etc. EyeQ is hella old
though. look for something new.(on Top10Reviews 2010, “acereader” is the
best program that you CAN pirate). i got a copy from filestube :P

@SheWasAlmost18 were can i find it.

I bought the program about a month ago. I started at 170 wpm. Now I’ve
reached up to 540 wpm within the program. When translating these skills to
the real world of offline books and other materials I found that I was not
as fast I was when using the program, but I was considerably faster than I
was before using the program. I believe that this program works. I’m not
sure about people reaching 1000 wpm from 200 wpm in under a year, but
anything is possible. The key is to stay with the program.

!!! Its not the best software but it got me from 540wpm to 1040 wpm its
decent if you ask me it is worth buying will make ur reading speed better
and comprehension will go up!!

I’ve completed all the sessions of this program and it worked for me. I was
reading at a rate of 139 wpm with 52% comprehension and now i can read at a
rate of 700 wpm with over 70% comprehension. Also it has affected my guitar
playing and i can play much better now than before!

Eye Q has 12 sessions. Each session is 7 minutes but the program has other
features too. Before i finish the sessions i ise the program for 15 minutes
and now that i’ve finished it i use it for about 8 minutes maximum. I
recommend this program it is very good. Also check these out (1) READING
these courses tell me to give you the instructions on how to download them

The clips of people fumbling around with other programs and all their
cassette tapes are just too unrespectable.

@knuftobor you can just dl the cracked eyeq

Yes please! Teach me how :)

I agree with you. life’s a joke, full of commercial ad,

How many do you read now?

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