First pelvic exam?


Posted on : 05-03-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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im 17 and i still havent had my first pelvic exam should i have had one already. Im pretty scared 2 because im not yet sexually active but i have a few questions about it.

Does it hurt if u are a virgin and have never put anything in ur vagina before?
Are u lying flat on ur back or at an angle?
Can u feel wat they are doing?
Wat will the doctor say if i close my legs during the exam?
And will it take long

i really dont want to go but i may have to because of my moms history of having tumors on her ovary when she was 18. and i have been having some pains in my right ovary and sometimes i can feel a knot there when i touch in that area on my lower belly.
will he say anything if i squench when he touches it
please help

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what is your reason for having a pelvic ex at 17 ,,, i do not think a doctor will do that for no reason

Well the first big word of advice is try to relax when you go….I am serious because the more tense you are the more incomfortable it will be. Also, make an appt. with a female OB/GYN if you will be more comfortable with a woman doctor. Also, tell the nurse your uncomfortable and this is your first time going to the OB/GYN because then they will probably take more time and explain things a little better. It is usually recommended you start going to the OB/GYN when you are 18, first start having sex or in your case if you are having problems (which ever comes first).
Now for your questions:
1. The exam itself is not comfortable but it shouldn’t be painful either…again the key thing is to relax as much as possible. I was a virgin when I went and I really couldn’t tell a difference between then and now (I have a baby now).
2. It depends on the doctors office as to what type of table you are on but most are flat and they have stirrups that come out of the table that you put your legs in. These come out at an angle so that way your legs will be spread and positioned for them to do the exam.
3. Yes you can feel what the doctor is doing, but most doctors will tell you as they do it. LIke they will say ok your going to feel coldness while I insert the speculum (a tool that opens your vagina up so they can look).
4. The doctor will just tell you during the exam you need to keep your legs open further so they can finish it. But if you keep your legs in the stirrups then you should be good. They may tell you to relax and not tense up so they can complete the exam.
5. The whole exam is over in less than a minute. You will spend way more time fretting over it than anything. The whole visit on the other hand can last up to 30 minutes or so since this is your virst visit the doctor will talk to you prior to the exam, get your history, etc.

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