First Vaginal Exam-Women Only?


Posted on : 22-05-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I am getting my first vaginal exam in a week and i am nervous about it. What do they do and do you have some tips about helping me be relaxed?

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It takes about 2 minues so it is over in no time. Most doctors chat with you so you are not thinking about what is going on. It will be over before you know it!

They check inside you and they take a sample from your vagina and send it to a lab to make sure everything is okay and that you don’t have abnormal cells. If you have abnormal cells, you could be at risk for cervical cancer. They also check your breasts for lumps and then they do other routine things like check your weight and blood pressure.

there is no reason to be nervous! i promise! i was nervous also, but it’s over in a matter of minutes. just dont think about it. and definitely dont stress before it wondering what it will be like because you will most likely feel foolish once you actually recieve the exam because it is so quick and painless. dont worry hun!

The other answers are great but they forgot to mention that the doctor will insert an instrument into you which will seem large and cold! :o ) It won’t hurt but you will probably be surprised. I usually close my eyes, take some deep breaths and think of something pleasant.

They will probably have you undress and get in once of those hospital gowns.
They will probably do a breast exam and teach you how.
They will have you lay down on a table and bring your bum all the way down to the end.
First is a visual exam, then they will take a metal thing (for whatever reason I’ve lost the name of the thing) it may be cold. They will then open you up. They will look around and also may take a scrap and snip off your cervix. There may be some bleeding – it’s normal.
They may do a rectal exam.
If your GYN is ANY good, they will explain what they are doing as they are doing it.
they will leave, and come back when you are dressed. Feel free to wipe off, because they use KY jelly.
Then you’ll have time to talk to the Doc about anything that you may have questions about. They have heard everything – so don’t worry about being embarrassed.
It’s not fun – but it’ll be fine. Just breath slowly and you’ll be fine.
:) Welcome to being a woman!

OH make sure there is a chaperone! They provide a nurse just for that – it is for you protection and theirs – if they refuse leave.

Lay back and do exactly as the doctor tells you to. While you are having the exam think about something or someone you love or replay a song in your head. Main thing is it is a normal thing in a woman’s life and the Dr is trained to do it. He or She is only there as your physician. Relay your worries to the Dr and maybe they can talk to you and make you feel more at ease. Deep Breaths !! It is not a big deal! Really don’t worry! I hate the dentist! Never the Dr

My first pelvic exam was not comfortable but I wouldn’t say painful. I was 11 and I had had irregular menstral cycles and abdominal pain so I had to go that young. I was not used to wearing tampons at all so them inserting a speculum which is about 5-6 inches long was sort of uncomfortable for me. If you are comfortable wearing tampons or if you have been sexually active it is not uncomfortable. I do my best to try and relax every muscle in my body from head to toe which is really hard when you are on the table but if you do you won’t feel a thing. The good thing is it is over in less than 1-2 minutes. Getting a shot or blood drawn is much worse.

I feel for you ..I have had quit a few and every time I am nervous ,and after I feel so stupid for worrying , It goes by so fast. your Doctor will know that this is your 1st Exam , and HE/she will be understanding , all they is look at your cervix and swab it to test for infection ,Cancer …ect
here a tip while you are Lying there think of the most funniest thing you done and remember all the fun you had , and that should take you mind off of what the Doctors doing and help you relax!

The other answers here are great, I just have a few things to add:
Sometimes (if it’s at a women’s clinic) they will have comics or something similar on the cieling, it kinda helps to be distracted.
It doesn’t hurt, just a little uncomfortable. I still get nervous, but there’s really nothing to worry about, just a little embarassing is all.
Leave your socks on! *L* the stirrups are usually cold. (that was the best piece of advice I was given when it comes to pelvic exams).
Try not to worry about it too much. We all have to go through it, and I think we all have felt the same way as you do. Good luck!

oh yes, the metal thing is called a speculum. The last few exams I had it was a plastic disposable one, but I don’t know if all doctors use those.

Try to relax and be guided by your doctor as some said they will talk you through the process.

It is a little uncomfortable and embarrassing but if it means the difference of finding and treating cancer its worth it.

Pap smears show changes in the cervix, and can pick up cancer cells. Pap test are not 100% accurate, but is the best method of detecting cell changes.

It is recommended that pap test are down every two years, more if a change has been detected. From 18-70 years of age, for young women who have recently become sexually active, should start having regular tests a about year after their first sexual encounter.
I have included some links for you to check out, one of the links has a good diagram of reproductive system.

Good luck

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