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Posted on : 30-04-2015 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Loading ... Loading ... Are you behind in your reading? Do you want to read faster? This is a recorded video of a speed reading course that was taught at Ohio State University by…

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Comments (25)

very helpful videos, thanks a lot I went from 200 to 600 in just a few
minutes. Thanks a lot

i went from 0 to 100 real f’in quick!!!

Amazing! I started with 13 lines per minute, on the video 5 I went to 36
lines per minute! It all happened is less than 30 minutes! 

290 to 400

190 to 290

290 to 490. Very helpful stuff.

I went from 150 to 250 in minutes sweet

for just a little time i get double? nice! 190 to 380…

Thank you this has helped a lot!! :) 

Thanks! This helped a lot!!!

Not bad for 5 videos. I went from 230 to 670, which astounded me. Thanks
for the tips!

where can i find the full course??

150 to 220, noice

230 to 440

nice !

From 180 to 230. Boom!!

Woah 210 to 320.

220 to 300

221 to 440, I’m happy with that

You idiots. This wasn’t the full course.

300 to 470 I LOVE YOU

I went from 160 to 210…
really impressive course 

Went from 150 to 290 first time through… Comprehension was not the
highest. Where are the rest of the videos? We could use the lesson..

@MyKrider They want your money ;)

Wow I went from 280 to 540 and I feel like I understood the second article
better than the first!

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