Free Speed Reading Software – Firefox Add On (RSVP Reader)


Posted on : 16-11-2011 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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Loading ... Loading ... This add-on for firefox uses a technology called Rapid Serial Visual Presenation (RSVP) to help you speed read through material that you read online.

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Comments (13)

I dont understand the oiint of this… yes im reading it but im barely taking it in and mulling it over…. fine for news stories but pretty pointless for academic reading

I think, The Text Reader Software is much better than it because in it you have to read and in the “Text to Speech” Software it will read for you and you just listen and in it you can change the voices of the reader also”!!! Best Regards,

Videos FaizaneRaza Org
Library FaizaneAttar Net

Has anyone produced something like this that could be on a kind of rotating 3d drum so the words approach you? Or maybe more like the start sequence in the Sar wars film? Just having 2d flashing words is not very comfortable.

No offence, your videos have been very helpful, but aren’t these flashing words an exellent way to get an EPILEPTIC ATTACK?

it isn’t available anymore. LAME!

this is great

inappropriate news article. I’m am displeased

nowak is a polish name .__.

Is there something for FLOCK?

the one for the newer versions of firefox is reasy… i like it alot and it really helps with my speed reading…and i actually went up in my reading and as i progress i increase the speed and it really helps… comes in handy in helping me practice so that when i read larger works of literature i wont have a problem… i can jus speed thru them and comprehend all the information…

It’s for OLDER versions of Firefox!!!

props for using an air song

that was friggin cool.

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