Goal Setting for 40th Birthday | Learn a language in 6 months!


Posted on : 28-05-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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http://www.ronwhitetraining.com/news/follow-journey-fluent-spanish-2143.html (Enter your email address here to stay updated on how to speak spanish and follo…

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Comments (7)

BAHAHAHAHAHAHA….OMG I’m going to live longer for SURE because I am constantly laughing at your crazy videos!!!! Though it’s sad to say you are a typical MALE! :/ LOL
But I have to say, you freakin crack me up. 80 push-ups is awesome & new language in 6 months is definitely a rockin goal!

go Ron gooooooooooooooo!!

Interesante tu meta, mas porque texas esta lleno de hispanos, exito!

I have a fear oh push ups I mean what happens when I go down, will I come back up…I dunno..scary!

(You) Being in Texas, Learning Spanish makes a lot of sense.
“To be SMART is to REMEMBER HALF of what you hear,

I caught like 2 words in the Spanish clip – aquí and chico…

This was freakin funny! Just watch Novelas on Univision.. You’ll learn Spanish plus watch a lot of hot girls

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