Help for students of anatomy and physiology #1


Posted on : 06-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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Study skills, thinking skills, & study tips for creatively learning anatomy & physiology (A & P). Presented by Lisa Jones Bromfield, RN, musician, teacher and creator of “Groovin’ in the Hippocampus: Songs to Learn Anatomy & Physiology By.”

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Wow this was really helpful. Tomorrow I start school again. I’ll be taking anatomy and microbiology at the same time and I feel confident now that I can do it. Thanks!

Thank you Lisa!

@HawaiianPeeps If the instructor ignores your questions, try approaching him or her after class or during office hours. It is their job to address your questions but sometimes they are crunched for class time, so try to approach them at another time. If they still won’t help you, then you need to speak to an administrator at your school or another A&P professor.

Lisa, you’re brilliant!

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