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Posted on : 15-02-2010 | By : My Study Coach | In : Mind tips, Your Brain and Study
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Want to know how to improve your study skills?

Imagine you wanted to learn how to cycle a bicycle. First you need to be able to use your legs. Without the ability to use your legs you will not be able to cycle. Once you’ve learnt to use your legs you can learn how to cycle. Now suppose you only learnt how to use 10% of your legs potential, that is only 10% of the muscles of your legs. Clearly this would mean you would cycle alot slower than if you were to use 100% or even 20%! You would especially have to put in a lot more effort going up hills!

Your brain is no different. If we only know how to use a small percentage of its potential then every time we have to learn something new it can be like cycling up hill. Which would you prefer to struggle up the hill or to learn more about how your legs work and how to use more of your legs potential? Learn more about how to use your brains potential and the perceieved “up hill” struggle of studying can be much easier and a lot more enjoyable!   

 This video called “The Miracle of the Human brain” will give you some idea of how your brain works and what is happening inside it as you think. Enjoy! 

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