How can I be more relaxed when I’m studying for Midyear Exams?


Posted on : 24-06-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I’ve too much to study and i’ll be studying for more than 10 hours per day … of course the exams are daily and too much subjects as well …
I usually start studying at 12 pm and take really short breaks and finish almost at 9 or 10 pm …
I really get tired at almost 4 pm that i feel i really need to sleep … but because i have no enough time i take 10 minutes break and go back to studying.. is there any tip that can help?
When I finish studying, I still feel there are points i need to review so i end up waking up early at 5:00 am in the morning to revise ..
At the end, I feel am not taking enough sleep and getting tired during studying … WHAT CAN I DO?!
Plus I really get bored and feel like crying …please help me
By the way, I’m 10th grade … isn’t it too much for my age:P ?!

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Yes you are studying a lot and a good strategy for studying would be play something and then study you won’t feel that it’s boring!

Wow, that seems like a lot. Surely your classes (in 10th grade especially) don’t require that much studying? I mean, it’s great that you’re so committed of course.

As far as being more relaxed, I think you might be stressing yourself out way too much. I think, after a certain point, your brain really just can’t take hours and hours of studying like that.

Maybe go into studying with a plan. Like, before delving into a course, make a list of the major topics/chapters/etc, that you need to study. Then for each one, make mini-tasks, like: reading the chapter, rereading for better comprehension, answering study questions on the info, and then reviewing again at a later time. That’s just a suggestion, you know what I mean though?

I think if you can lay out on paper ahead of time the areas you want to study, and the actual components of your study plan, you’ll feel less overwhelmed by the work you need to do.

As far as feeling tired, remember, you’re in high school still, you shouldn’t be studying yourself sick like this. Get plenty of sleep, your body is telling you what to do. Or, if it’s the afternoon, and you’re drowsy, go outside for a walk, the fresh air will do you good, help you relax, and be refreshing.

Remember, you can always talk to your teachers, or guidance counselor, about your concerns. It does seem as though you’re getting quite overwhelmed and anxious about this. I understand you might be under pressure to get good grades (I can relate to that, back when I was in high school), but you’ll feel relieved, I think, if you talk about it to someone and learn to cut yourself some slack.

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