How can i concentrate more on final exams?


Posted on : 03-10-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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i have final exams today and tomorrow, and i really need to do good on them and since graduation is in a few days(only graduating from 8th grade) i really cant have any distractions.Help!!!!

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Comments (4)

Close all of your electronic devices and open a study book.

Before taking an exam, take a deep breath. You can also pray to your god (or do what you do in your religion)

Turn off electronics for a while. Eat a healthy breakfast. and if you have them take vitamins. when i was taking finals a while back (for 10th grade) i ate a breakfast bar and vitamins every morning. vitamins such as a b-complex, bone density builder, a multi-vitamin, potassium, and vitamin c or calcium can’t remember which. I passed all my finals. Hope that helps some. O and stay calm! If you freak out you won’t do well. aslo do some light studying on the subject to review and refresh the information in your mind

Close your computer. Don’t go on unless you have a question to look up.

Rewrite all your notes! Trust me, it will take a while, but it helps!

Set a timer for every 10 minutes and when it rings, if you’ve gotten distracted, get back on task.

Now that you posted this, you’re probably going to want to be checking it, but don’t! And if you have to, only check it every hour or half hour. Control yourself!

And also, remind yourself that it will only be a few days and then you’re done, so focus really hard, and then you can relax in a few days!

Good luck!! I had finals last week and I did all these things. I got 100% on almost all of them. :)

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