How can I easily and quickly improve my memory?


Posted on : 27-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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I’m getting bad grades in school because I can’t seem to remember anything in certain classes. I have already tried taking everything in Notes and reading it over and over. And also paying close attention in class and not distracting myself but it all just doesn’t work :( how can I improve my memory more easily?? :(

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Basically you should not try to forget anything deliberately.

Nurture healthy, constructive and noble thoughts, habits and traits. Also build strong moral behaviors.

Practice physical self-discipline and mental control.

Have homogeneous thoughts, words and deeds. If there is any mismatch in ones thinking, talking and action, it may result in double standards and it may also shake the basic moral foundations.

Flush out all the huge accumulations of impurities hidden in the mind, it can result in doubts confusions, suspicion or fear. In future take only quality food or drink.

Through Mind Exercise !!!!!!

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