How can I improve my study skills and raise my math grade?


Posted on : 20-03-2010 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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during school I try to focus but i just find the books boring…math is my one weak point…i usually manage to scrape a C- B- but i want it to be better…how can I study to help me?…i also have problems with science as well…kinda the same thing eh? if theres a web sight u know of i would love to hear of it! thanks!!!

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Hey, I’m with you on this one. I think the best way to handle math is to pay attention in class, and keep up with the material. Don’t ever procrastinate, because math requires practice, and the same is true for science. (Chemistry and physics, especially). That’s why just do your homework everyday, and efficiently. You’ll know the material a lot better. And go in for help when you need it.
Bottom line is…PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE! You’ll find both science and math easier, as well as interesting.

I have a lot of trouble in math, too. My dad got me these books to help me with math. They are a series of books called Bob Miller’s _______ for the Clueless. They are really helpful and cover pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, pre-calc, and calc. The books cover the same stuff in the textbooks, but give the same information in much simpler ways. You can buy the books at for pretty cheap.

try to stay after school with your teacher to get extra help,
and stay consistent by completing the homework, and really pay attention in class and ask questions if you dont get the material being taught. take notes if you have to, just to remember the concepts and steps to solve the problems. ask your teacher to show you examples. and i agree with the first person who answered: PRACTICE!

I have the same problem… it sucks, If you find out how share the tips with me please =)

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