How can I improve my studying skills? An effective way to learn more? Any tips?


Posted on : 27-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I want to study more effectively. I study repeating and writing definitions down, saying them, reviewing my notes. But I have noticed that I am forgetting what I read and constantly looking back at my previous notes to review them which is making it hard to move on to another section. It takes many repetitions to really memorize it and it wasn’t this hard for me before. I would usually just sit in class and listen, and I wouldn’t have to study… So any tips on how to improve my studying skills?

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I think the best thing for you to do first is to figure out your learning style. Once you know your learning style, you will understand how you learn and can look for tips on that particular style on the net. My primary learning style is auditory, so I rarely miss a lecture, record lectures, and repeat things to myself all the time. Fortunately, I scored just as high in visual, so I actually need to see it an hear it. There is a site below that will give you some insight on your primary learning style. I wish I could find the one that tells you how you score in each area, but I think I may have been given that particular test at school.

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