How can i just Relax!!!?


Posted on : 19-04-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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Ive been really stressed out lately and thinking negatively, its crap!
The exams are in a few days ( shiiiiiiiit!) and i need to think positive and just chill but im finding it so hard!
Is there anything i can do to just calm down a bit before i go crazy!

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stop thinking

think about nothing for as long as you can.

or if you have stoner friends, get them to blaze with you.

pot is a good remedy…
so are large bodies of water..
put the two together… ZANG!

The first thing to do is deep breathing. Four seconds in through the nose, hold for two or three seconds, and five or six seconds out, either through the nose or mouth. Do this at least10 times.

Sit in quiet place inside or out. Close eyes. Say silently to self, I relax the muscles in my head, face, then around my eyes, then around my mouth, I relax the muscles in my upper body, front, then back. I relax the muscles in my arms, in my legs, then say, I am at peace, breath. Let your body breathe you and you’ll find your breathing varies. Let it happen. Let things pass thru your mind because you can’t control that, just let them run by. Breathe, relax. Know you’ll be fine. Know you’ll do fine. Know you are fine.

Go get a massage. They’re pretty cheap at massage schools. An hour of being pampered is always nice.

Go have sex. In fact, have lots of sex. That’s a nice relaxing thing.

Its better to relax and keep your head clear. So means no alcohol or any other things. Coz its all depressants. If you have a chance just go away somewhere even for a day or so. Somewhere quite better away from town. Go for a walk. Listen to your favorite music. and prepare for your exams being calm and relaxed. try to think positive. think about what you are going to do after you pass your exams. make little plan. dream positives. Try to avoid conversations with people who can stress you out specially these days.
So good luck and dont worry be happy!

Smoke an 8th of Afghani Goo

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