How can I prepare for this Chemistry Exam?


Posted on : 15-11-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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So basically:
I made a 5 on the AP Chem exam and now I have to take an exam at my university to receive credit for Chemistry 2 (Chem 1 is automatic when you make a 4+).
My test is in 5 days and I’m freaking out. I really need to pass this test so that I can move on and not have to retake redundant classes; however, I heard that the test is super, super hard and that barely anyone passes.

How do you suggest I study? I know the basics of Chem 1-2 just through my prep for the AP exam, but how much harder can it get? When I look through the textbook and do practice problems, I don’t have any trouble so how do you guys suggest I study for this exam?

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Here’s a fairly typical second semester of general chem topic list:

Perhaps they might up the organic chemistry component of the test.

Best wishes on the test.

Congratulations, you’ve done well.
Trust what you know.
Get an APChem prep book (you haven’t been through before) and take the practice tests.
You may want to pay particular attention to reviewing your lab activities. That’s the skill development the colleges can’t evaluate readily from the exam.

Check the college website to see if there is a syllabus for their intro chem program. See which text they use. There may be other prep materials too.

Also evaluate your attitude. If they decide they want you to take the chem 2 course, think of it as an opportunity to balance out the difficulty of your course selection. You probably don’t want to take 6 courses that are the most challenging. Chem could be one you could relax in a little.

Practice solving problems. If you’re doing good there you’ll be fine.

You’re already on the right path, just suffering from exam-related anxiety, that’s all. Back when I studied for my chemistry exams, I had trouble with chemical equilibrium equations and organic chemistry. I made mind maps for these specific topics and that helped me score a better grade.

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