How can i really improve memory ?


Posted on : 17-06-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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Most of the answers are repeatation,play memory games,do physical and mental exercise ETC…by doing this way is it possible to improve memory….by recalling ( visualise ) yesterday from morning to night what happened on that day like we get up at morning and going to work and meeting friends recalling (visualisation) what happened on that day is it possible to improve my memory…..please give me good answers..

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Songs are quite useful if u put your own useful lyrics into it it should help :)

Hi Spice, I received a brain injury 22 years ago that left me with short term memory loss. I went through several years of cognitive rehabilatation (memory courses). Two ways of improving memory are; association (associate what you are seeing or doing with something that is familiar to you), and write it down.
By writing down what is going on you are getting a supportive memory input.
Hope this helps.

There is this stuff I’m taking right now in a pill form that will supposedly improve my memory. I’ve been taking one capsule every morning with breakfast for about a month now. I can’t remember what you call it but you can get it at any health food store.

Memory games, enough rest, and study diffrent things and practice remembering info.

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