How do I concentrate on studies for long hours?


Posted on : 23-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I’m doing a course of CA, CPT (the basic level). The studies are tough and for that my friends say that you must at least study for 6 hours with full concentration. How can I study for 6 hours where I can’t even concentrate on studies for an hour. So I need your help in how can I concentrate on studies and some study tips. Please! :)

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Do your studies in hour blocks then have 20 mins break. This will help you to concentrate on your studies. The other thing is to write down point of interest and do a review at the end of the study time.
The other thing I found was to make sure you are taking supplements that help you to concentrate more. One product I found that was very beneficial to me was Protandim. You can get it online and delivered to your door.
This is where I was getting it from
Take those and you will find that it will help you! Best thing they are natural!

Don’t study 6 hours straight because your brain works less, and your study won’t be as effective. I think you should study for 40minutes and have a 10minute break by going to the toilet,eating a healthy snack and walking outside. Your brain tends to concentrate and work better if you get oxygen. So thats why go outside, smell the fresh air, drink some water. =) After your break, go back to studying. Also, start the day by studying with passion and enthusiasm instead of feeling lazy. Also, people who exercise tend to be happier and there brain tends to work better, so before you study, maybe go for a run for 15min? and sleep well, or else you’ll be tired. Don’t let tv, ipods, unnecessary texting get in the way. When memorising things in text, its sometimes good to have it in flashcards to memorise.

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