How do I get a grams per milliliter concentration with a mL/mL mix and density?


Posted on : 07-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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Okay so I have a concentration of neomenthol of 2.0 mL neomenthol in 10.0 mL EtOH. The density of neomenthol is 0.899 g/mL. So I just ignore the EtOH part and multiply 2.0 mL x 0.899 g/mL to get the concentration of neomenthol in grams per milliliter?

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No, you don’t exactly ignore the EtOH.

0.899 g/ml x 2.0 ml = 1.798 grams of neomenthol in 10 ml EtOH
So, you have a concentration of 0.18 gms/ml

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