How do i help my friend study?


Posted on : 11-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I’m already staying with him till almost midnight on weekends in the school library doing 8-9 hour study sessions. As you can see, i have no issue with taking time out of my schedule helping him out because i really want him to pass and succeed in college. What are some helpful study tips you guys have? all ive been doing is simplifying the definitions and making him memorise, recite, and explain the material.

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thats so kind of you, lool just make sure this doesn’t ruin your chances of doing well too

idk maybe you should test him on the material, randomly ask question to see if he gets them right or write out some simple questions like what is the definition of such and such

teach it in a fun way and quiz him

spending that much time with someone to help them, you might end up not doing your own work


with those many hours spent with them ? you have NO TIME for you own personal life

colleges offer programs / classes / notes from he teacher on good ways to study

personally, as a teacher myself, i think you have done enough for them

to be a positive influence, just be encouraging

stay busy

see the link below


Never study if you both are hungry. I would suggest to eat and then go back to studying. If you are feeling kinda sleepy stop studying. If your brains are tired you wont be able to teach him right & he wont be able to understand and memorize. I think you guys shouldnt be studying for so many hours without taking a break ok! If you want to know if he really understood ask him to give you examples & thinks like that.

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