How do i hold in my pee during exams?


Posted on : 07-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I have a 2 hour and 45 min exam soon and i can never hold in my pee. They strictly wont let anyone out of the exam, even if its for 1 minuite. Please what can i do to hold it in. I was thinking about not drinking anything the night before. I know this isnt healthy but just this once. Rather i dehydrate a bit than pee myself during an exam in front of everyone. Anything else i can do?

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I think you’d be ok to drink normal amounts of water the night before, just maybe don’t drink a lot that day, and pee as many times as you can and right before the exam as well. Good luck!

No, don’t NOT drink anything. Then you’ll want to drink something so badly that you won’t be able to concentrate. And you’ll still have to pee and you’ll get an infection and die.
But, don’t drink a whole lot. Drink enough so that you don’t dehydrate.
Don’t cross your legs. That’ll make it worse. Instead, open your legs as far as you can. For a few seconds after you do that, it’ll feel like you’re gonna pee yourself, but hold it in for a little while more and the feeling will pass. Don’t slouch, but you can tilt your lower abdomen a little forwards if it makes it feel any better. Don’t move around too much and relax. And don’t think about using the bathroom. Think about other things, like your exam.

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