How do I relax in my exam time?


Posted on : 24-02-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I always get a serious nervous breakdown when I’m doing the exam, when I get nervous I seem 2 4get evrthing… They say sniffing an apple will help u relax? Is it true? Can u give me other ways 2 relax?

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I’m not sure about the whole apple thing… but i read if u put a pepperminty-like perfume on ur wrist it makes you more awake and helps you remember stuff when u sniff it….

Practice stress-reduction exercises several days BEFORE you go in for the exam, so that they will be effective to use DURING the exam.

There are lots of stress reduction exercises available online. Many of them involve visualizing, muscle relaxation, and other techniques that can be difficult to concentrate on when you’re freaking out over a test – that’s why you should practice them before the test.

Go to class early, if possible, and give yourself 5-10 minutes to do the exercises. Sample exercise can be found at this site:

The best way to relax is to be well prepared for the test./ Take practice tests if available and ask your teacher for suggestions.

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