How do increase the speed of my mind and improve short term memory?


Posted on : 12-06-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Memory
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For a long time I have had a super brain. But I have spent some time not putting to any real use. So now I need to improve my memory and how fast my mind can come up with answers,

For those that answer I truly thank you.

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take vitamin b12 supplements and fish oil pills. very good for circulation and energy in the brain

Jogging, running and any physical activity has been found to produce adult neurogenesis in the brain. The brain region where this is most evident is the hippocampus (crucial for memory). Also, increased ambulation and physical activity has been found to have an anti-depressant effect as well as an increased metabolic rate. Increased metabolic rate is critical for the inhibition of depressive states. It speeds up your brain in terms of electrical and chemical potentials.

The other critical factor is practice. Train yourself to problem solve. You described yourself as having a super brain at one point. I’m certain you’re just as, if not, more proficient now than you once were. I’m sure you’ll be happy if you stop comparing your present with your past and concentrate on your performance now and your almost limitless potential.

First of all you need to exercise your brain to keep it sharp. I would recommend puzzles, games, reading, or learning a new hobby. The absolute BEST brain exercise out there is learning a new language. You don’t have to be fluent, just study when you have time, maybe learn a few new words a day. This will stimulate a region of the brain that is less often used in adults. Physical exercise is good too, as it promotes good circulation all over the body. Spend some time working on your concentration, specifically eliminating distractions around you. They are barriers to your short and long term memory pathways.

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