How much should I study for tests in grade 9?


Posted on : 09-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I have been doing pretty bad on my tests lately and I was wondering if there are any helpful study tips you can give me ?

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just study

This is a lesson I learned after grade 9 math.
Look over your notes after class, even if you don’t have any homework or a test. And when your teacher tells you about a test, study a bit every night and make study notes. Go over the study notes and if there is something you have a hard time remembering, do a few extra questions from your textbook on that thing.
Most importantly if you do not quite understand something, ask your teacher for clarification.

1. ask the teacher questions
2. form a study group with friends
3. study every night
4. get a tutor

that’s what i would do if i was n your situation!!

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