How should I study for a big test coming up? {Easy 10 points}?


Posted on : 01-10-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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There is a test in 2014 which consists of the following subjects: Math, English, General Ability and Writing. I know 2014 is a long way, but I want prepare earlier so I have a bigger chance of succeeding this test.
Can you please give me some study tips, and how long you should think I should study each day? Any other advice is welcome! ♥

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Hii try to revise in small bursts of time and make lots of notes ! Sticky notes, etc. Buy revision books for your subjects and try to go through a few past papers, try twice a day to get an idea of the choice of questions (: ask your family member or friends to help you out and ask them to test you on a topic. Hope I helped (: and remember don’t be nervous, get plenty of sleep the night before

Observe everything around you. Read a lot. If you see or hear a word you don’t know, go home, look it up, and try to use it 3 times that day. Just these will improve your writing, reading, and general ability a lot. As far as maths, just make sure you have a firm grasp of all the mathematical
concepts you know. These tests measure your ability to understand apply mathematical concepts, so be able to understand and apply them! There really is no concrete studying for vague tests like these, so I hope these ideas help!

Good study tips
(1) Have good lighten,
(2) a place where its quite and have room enough to study,
(3) comfortable place to sit,
they have this quizzes and worksheets on these subjects, input them and they to the rest,
(5) Have cheese and crackers or some kind of snacks that easy to eat, and drink to,
*good luck* Ps. If you like me chew on pencil when study, found cheese sticks and crackers tasted lot better, and my mama stop tapping me on head with her yard stick too,*

In the simplest way possible. Study in advance. A week or two prior to your test. Never the day before, but a little review wouldn’t hurt. Eat a balanced breakfast, studies have shown that a good breakfast and even dark chocolate have shown test improvement. Two more ways is to list down your expected score and fears on a piece of paper prior to the test, and finally chew gum while you study and chew the same brand and flavor of gum during the test.

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