How the hell do some can some people read over 250+ books a year?


Posted on : 07-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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How is that possible? Thats nearly a book a day. These people said their books were around 500 pages long?
Even with speed reading you just cant read that much.

Also im curious to know how mny books you read and wether theyre fiction or none fiction?

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Some people have the time to bury their head into a book. It’s not impossible It just depends on if you’re interested in the book and if yu have patience to read that much.

I read 3-7 books a week and they’re usually fiction. Those are the best kind (:

That doesn’t seem possible unless they don’t have a job or a life, and/or if they aren’t really reading the books thoroughly. I haven’t been reading as much lately (at least stuff I want to read ;p) cuz of school, but I read about 2-5 books a month, mostly fiction. All over 200 pages…usually over 300.

It doesn’t leave much time for anything else but it is possible.

My friend read a 541 page book in three hours– and she had actually read it; I practically interviewed her about it! I asked her this exact question. Apparently it’s simply practice, practice, and more practice.

It’s not that difficult…
I can easily read that many books in a year, my goal for this year is actually 365.
If you read enough you just get faster and faster, and learn that theres certain paragraphs that you can just skim through. :D

I can usually read 5 or 6 books a week, but thats mostly on weekends.
And there all fiction and between 2 and 3 hundred pages.

Greetings! It actually is very easy to do. If you have a passion for reading, you probably will probably have a book with you everywhere you go. While you wait for a haircut, at a restaurant when eating alone, at lunch at work, sitting at the park while your kids play….I could go on and on. For voracious readers such as myself, we favor reading over watching television or even spending time on the computer (BLASPHEMER, LOL!).

In a year, I can easily read a hundred to two hundred books per year. Sometimes they are children’s literature, sometimes general fiction, sometimes a cookbook, sometimes a mystery, sometimes history or biography.

If you are a serious reader, you will no doubt read all kinds of books. Some books will take a few months to read, or some a few hours. It all depends. It can be done.

Hope that helps.

It’s definitely possible, as my mother can attest; it depends on the medium.

My mother is a fan of audiobooks. She likes them because not only can she read a good story, she can do it while doing something else at the same time, such as housework, walking her dog, or whatever.

I was tested in high school reading 2000 words a minute. I read 10 books a week beyond my homework. I am maybe only half that speed now so it is possible. I would probably read 5 books a week but I spend too much time on Yahoo Answers.

It is possible for people who read really quick. I read at 500 words per minute. Quite a lot of people can achieve that speed or even higher speed. It means we can read 2 pages per minute on average, so we can normally finish a 500 pages book in 4 hours time.

I only read during weekend, and I read both fiction and non-fiction. I used to read around a hundred books every year. Now I’ve my Kindle 2 and I think I’ll read even more, because it is handy and Kindle books are cheaper.

If you read a lot, or if you like to read, I do recommend you to enhance your speed reading techniques, they really help. Here is a good resource you can try, it gives out a free mini-course as far as I know.

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