How to avoid erections in physical exam?


Posted on : 11-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I’m 15 and going to the physical exam on Friday. Should I masturbate before the exam to avoid an erection or what? I still dont know the gender of the doctor but I’m very conscious

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Comments (7)

Just imagine your whole family staring at you naked. Or you are in the mall and you have no clothes on. That will stop you cold. Don’t fool with yourself before you go to the doctor.

it probably won’t happen but even if it does, your doctor has seen this thousands of times before and will take no notice

At your age i hardly think that will make a difference :) youll still get an erection lol

poor kid…… hmm lets see! for me i always thought of someone i really detested or made me sick and visualised seeing them naked ewwwwwww lol

or you can carry with you a cold spoon in your hand keep it in the freezer or in ice cubs in your lunch box and before you have to have the check carry it with you and pull it out just before he checks lol trust me cold knocks out any chance of an erection :P

Tape your penis to your thy

Just relax when the time comes. If it should happen that you get an erection don’t worry as it is a perfectly natural thing to happen. Doctors of either gender have seen it all before and won’t think anything of it.

You are worrying about something that more than likely will not happen. Every boy that goes to the doctor and worries about the same problem. Sure every once in a while it will happen but most of the time it won’t. Relax take off your clothes and breath through your nose. Take deep breaths it will relax you. And masturbation never hurts anything besides it feels great

i always get one, but she dosnt care don’t worry about it!

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