How to bring down anxiety right before a huge exam?


Posted on : 07-12-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I get really anxious before exams, more than the average person. I feel ready because I spent several days studying for this exam but I’m still nervous and I’m afraid it will affect my performance.
This anxiety has been happening since I was in highschool (I’m in college now), only it’s worsened.

I’ve tried breathing exercises, etc., but I can’t seem to calm my nerves down. The exam is in a few hours.

What should I do?!?!

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Study beforehand and just be overall prepared, but you say you still get anxious? Beats me.

I have the exact same problem. I haven’t figured out how to make it completely dissipate, but I have gotten enough under control that I will have a masters degree in just three months.

I took up yoga several months ago. I am generally more relaxed than I have been during the rest of my life. However, doing that before a test doesn’t make more relaxed than I am any other day of the week. I get a minimum of eight hours of sleep the night before, and I have been trying to give myself three to five hours before my exam to do something I enjoy. Playing piano, baking, doing some kind of craft. etc. That usually gets me to relax a little before the exam. When I feel overwhelmed during the exam, I close my eyes and count backwards from thirty. Usually, that calms me down.

Those are the best suggestions I can give you. That’s what works best for me. I wish I had more advice. That’s everything that works for me, though!

Just study until you know the material stone cold. That’s what I did and I usually got the top grade, despite having anxiety problems. Went on to a career as a Prof. and Research Scientist.

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