How to Calculate the equilibrium concentration?


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Calculate the equilibrium concentration of C6H5COOH in the solution if the initial concentration of C6H5COOH is 5.9×10−2 .

The acid-dissociation constant for benzoic acid C6H5COOH is 6.3*10^-5
I am sorry but the answer should be in this form

[HC7H5O2]= ?M

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Write out a reaction equation, then use an “ICE” table to figure out the concentrations of each component at equilibrium.
“I” is the initial concentration of each reactant/product
“C” is the change in concentration from the initial state to the equilibrium state for each reactant/product. Let “x” be the change in concentration for the reactants/products.
“E” is the concentration of each reactant/product at equilibrium
Concentrations are in molarity

C6H5COOH < ----> H+ + C6H5COO-
I ___5.9×10^-2____0_______0

C_____ -x_______+x______+x

E_(5.9×10^-2 – x)__ x_______x

K(for this reaction) = ([H+]*[C6H5COO-])/[C6H5COOH] = 6.3*10^-5
6.3*10^-5 = (x^2)/(5.9×10^-2 – x) —> solve for x.
x = 0.00190 M
[C6H5COOH] = 5.9×10^-2 – x = 5.9×10^-2 – 0.00190 = 0.0571 M.
Hope this helps!

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