how to deal with exam stress?


Posted on : 31-01-2014 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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what would you advise to do or not do on the day before a big exam? is revising pointless? should i just relax?? go out?…..
i am so nervous!

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Get a good night of sleep and meditate before the exam and the day before the exam. Keep meditating after. Read my Yahoo blog on meditation, if you don’t know how.

I’d advise you just to stay at home and relax. It also wouldn’t hurt to hit the books one more time just to revise. But going out definitely wouldn’t be a suggestion, unless you ration your time spent out. You wouldn’t want to get home late, possibly intoxicated with alcohol, and then wake up the morning super tired with a hangover on the day of a major exam, would you? So I think relaxing at home would be your best choice. You could rent a film, study for a bit, meditate, rest/take a nap, take a long, warm shower/bath, etc, and then hit the hay for a good night’s sleep.
G’luck on your exam! :)

I found light exercise pretty good. Jog round the block or throw a few hoops. Put it all out of mind.
Then go back to it and scan through the major sections or topics – remembering briefly about each one. You will feel comfortable with some and less comfortable with others. This is not revision. It’s just looking it over to see how you feel about the various areas.
Then I would have a look (revise) at the less comfortable areas and pick up some points until I felt more comfortable with them.
Break it up with a bit more exercise or relaxation. Then do it again.
Good luck in that exam.

Oh yeah, exams are nervous making, but here are some good tips!
To do:
~Study, but not like it’s the end of the world! Just lightly and calmly, and when you get bored or tires of it, stop!
~Get lots of sleep the night before, it will keep you energized!
~Do you have a hobby? Do it! It will calm you and put you in a peaceful state of mind.

DON’T do:
~ Watch TV, it will just slow you down! And distract you. Do want to be thinking about a show or movie when you should be thinking of the Pathagorean Theorem?
~Think negatively, it’ll make you more nervous!

The day of the test:
~Take a hot, calming shower.
~Eat a good breakfast (no Mickey D’s!!!) like eggs, toast, and oatmeal! It will keep you concentrated dunring the test.
~Don’t worry! You’ll do fine!

To do during the test:
~Stay concentrated on the test, but don’t get to tense.
~Take periodicaal breaks (not too long, though!) when you get tired or overwhelmed. Just to keep you happy!
~Don’t watch the clock! It’ll just make you nervous!
!In case you get nervous dureing the test, bring a small object (not something you can cheat with!!!!!!!!) that is special to you and can fit in your pocket. When your having trouble or start to get nervous, just touch it and it will calm you down!

Good luck on you test! You’ll Ace it!

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