How to determine initial concentration from molarity and ml?


Posted on : 19-12-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I am using 4.0 M acetone. If I prepare a solution that is diluted to a total volume of 50.0 mL, using 10 mL of acetone, what is the initial concentration of acetone (in units of M)?

There are other factors involved, but I think this is everything needed to answer this question.

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I suspect you are reading the question incorrectly. If you add solvent to the acetone the solution will become diluted. This would result in a FINAL concentration. The original concentration of the acetone will remain at 4.0 M. However the new, diluted concentration would be (10 ml/ 50 ml) x 4.0 M = 0.80 M is the diluted concentration.

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