How to do well on the critical reading component of the SAT?


Posted on : 04-09-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Speed Reading
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I am having a hard time with critical reading during my SAT practice sessions. I’m able to skim through the passages pretty quickly since I’ve been using a speed reading program for the past few weeks, but I’m still having trouble comprehending the sentences. Is there any possible way to combat this dilemma? [The person that gives me the best answer gets 10 points.]

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1) Always read the questions before you read the actual reading. You will know what you are searching for while you are reading the corresponding passages.

2) Take a lot of practice questions. It’s like any other exam. In order to do well you will need to put the time in.

3) Try to relax. You may just be stressing yourself out and over-analyzing the context of the question.

Good luck on the exam. Take as many practice questions as you can and you’ll be fine.

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