How to get asleep before an exam?


Posted on : 18-07-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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I feel very nervous and cannot stop thinking about the exam on the eve, so I cannot get asleep. Any useful methods, please?

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Comments (5)

i have that all the time
but what i do is just to pray in my heart, try to keep my mind clear from any thought or memory and play some really soft music then relax on my bed
i hope i helped

think about something else… try masturbating,,, that will prolly make you fall asleep ;-)

good luck on the exam!

don’t listen to answer2
stay up all night!

I beat it off until I fall asleep. Works like a charm.

my serious advice is to think about something else and don’t do any full on study in the last 12 hrs before exam.. go through the ones you have trouble in.. but not the full course… and watch a comedy movie to relax yourself.. trust me.. it works on me

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