Yoga Boosts Brain Power


Posted on : 17-02-2010 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I guess it really comes as no surprise to anyone who practices yoga that it helps boost brain power. As someone who has competed in the world memory championships achieving 8th in the world in 1997 and who has been studying, practicing and teaching yoga for a number of years it has certainly helped me and those I teach with learning quicker and easier and most importantly how to help with concentration and focus, not to mention any of the physical benefits.

So heres a very interesting video clip about a Superbrain Yoga which I came across. Well worth a watch and watch it all to hear why it works. If what they’re saying is true it can offer a drug free treatment to kids with ADHD and other related challenges which is fantastic. Given how simple it is, it is certainly worth a try to explore for yourself. Watch the video and have a go now to re-energise your brain!

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