How to increase concentration and memory?


Posted on : 22-08-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : Improve Your Concentration
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I am looking for different ways to improve my memory and concentration. I am not able to concentrate or focus for a longer time and I have to revise several times to memorize s’thing. I was into substance abuse for few yrs that I stopped few months ago. I am working hard to improve this aspect of mine.
I have started playing online chess to exercise my brain. Please suggest other methods and online/offline resources that can help me. Thanks!
I was wondering if Cross word puzzle helps in improving memory or it’s just to increase your vocabulary.

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Mozart is suppose to make you 15% smarter.

Its a use it or loose it thing. Read difficult things, I suggest philosophers handbook. but any diffiult reading is good, rea it slow, understand what you read, don’t read 50 pages before yourealize you have no idea whats going on.

avoid hypnotizing activities for recreation, like television, at least do it in moderation.

Video games are great, remember its better to use your mind for something frivolous than for nothing at all.

don’t drink beverages with high fructose corn syrup, you would be surprised how much this stuff hinders you.

I don’t know much about the subject, but all i can say is studying different chess openings can be a way to improve your memory since you can memorize few moves from each opening and try to remember their names. However, don’t strain yourself because it’s not that easy. Do it in a relaxed manner.

Another way is you could pick up a language to learn? Like Spanish, French, German, Italian or any language which is close to your native one. Learning a new language could improve your memory and your concentration will benefit too.

Other ways are you could try solving some puzzles like Sudoku or Kakuro? See if that helps.

Besides, you should also have some fresh air and go for walks or jogs if you can. Workout a bit if you can.

Edit: Yes, crossword puzzles will help too. Increase in vocabulary also means increase in retaining power/memory.

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