How to relax your mind even during busy and tough phases of life ?


Posted on : 12-07-2011 | By : My Study Coach | In : Learn to Relax
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Times when there is huge work load or before exams and tests.. how to relax ur mind ?

note- i also take this opportunity to say HI to all my frendz here with whom i’ve not been in touch for a while.. been busy..


keep smiling :)

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Music you like.

Take a deep breathe and relax your shoulders and remove the tensions from your back. Close your eyes and imagine your perfect place.

Relaxing the mind presents itself as something of a problem in modern Western society, purely because it is so at odds with what is required of us in our day to day activity. To be completely relaxed throughout the day is often seen as beyond possibility and quite undesirable when dealing with common challenges. However relaxing is actually incredibly simple by its nature and is often conducive to a higher performance in one’s everyday life than if one is to proceed in an aggressive or tense manner.

One myth that prevails in Western society is that achievement must always come at a price, demanding concerted effort. This has two negative results. Firstly, it is overlooked that when we are in a relaxed state we are often more ready to adequately respond to pressure than when we are stressed. Secondly, it is often taken that even relaxation must involve some kind of financial, mental or physical output, when in actual fact it is often best achieved for the absence of any deliberately focused activity. Interestingly, with regard to this second point it is worth considering that the mind itself tends to want to do precisely what we tell it not to, or to not do what we ask it to do when under pressure. Like an obstinate child, the mind will tend to do precisely what it is asked not to for one simple fact: the subconscious mind does not register information in the same way that the conscious mind does.

If you have ever been in the position of giving up smoking (or something similar; chocolate, alcohol, etc.) you may have found that the more you tell your self ‘Don’t Smoke!,’ the more liable you are to start. This is quite clearly because all the time you are focusing on not smoking, you are thinking about smoking! Similarly, all the time you are berating yourself for not relaxing, you are focusing on not being relaxed. The constant order that you issue from your conscious mind to your subconscious becomes reversed as it is communicated. There is a simple resolution to this problem. Instead of telling yourself to relax, simply tell yourself that you are relaxed, and you will be! Your mind is your mind and everything you tell it is what you are thinking.

the true answer lies in meditation or using your penal gland. (third eye)

I close my eyes and take a minute to myself and just think about fun plans or a great memory.

stop talking on the phone stop everything just consintrate on you!!

Try deep breathing…. slow… deep…. breathing….

What I do is plug my iPod into my ears, get the music going, grab my bicycle and just wander of to some place anywhere (places where i know) and that really helps me.

By mom also does yoga and I too do it at times and it toes help.


Music or Playing some games :) )))))))))

Listening to relaxation music, go out for a walk and a cup of tea.

I have to agree with Chris R’s response. During this day and age…everything is 24/7 and computerized!

*I tend to write everything down that I have to do so it is all in one place and I can forget about things until it is time to do it.
*I also try to have one day a week for myself. I go and do something that makes me happy.
*And realize that you have the power to say “no” to somethings. You are only human!

According to a recent study by biologists and psychologists’ researchers from the British University of Nottingham, the altruism, in addition to other beneficial effects, is attractive for the opposite sex. Do selfless acts (donations, volunteering) and increased your sexuality and your quality of life.


alot of things are there .
listen to some good music , chat with friends , meditation , but the best is answerind questions on y!a .

Hello Madhavi,

Relax urself by listening to your favourite music. catch up wid ur friends atleast on weekends in some hip hop place or go clubbing wid them. if you have beach or lake in your city then go there in the evenings or early mornings this helps in keeping ur Mind relax and also it de-stress you. Or else indulge yourself by taking up ur Hobby aleast for an hour or two! Also if u have kids or pets at ur place play wid them…. this is the best Stress buster.

Enjoy your work – that is the best, simple and sure solution. If you have a strong will, you can always change your likes and dislikes.

If you can not enjoy and have already cultivated the negativity in your mind, then think that it’s not for ever and it will end soon. Don’t look at whole pile, rather work in small manageable steps – the way clock needle moves step by step.

So in a nutshell there are two solutions “Change your Attitude” or “Give time – and let the situation pass”.

Note : If you are trying to relax your mind with something else that what you should do, then you are further distract you mind, which will again create negativity towards the main activity.

mindfulness meditation

ask this question to urself means ur mind u will get better answer!!!!!!!!and u will feel relax!

I first take a deep breath and then calmly think what to do. It really relaxes my mind when I do that! Yes, even music relieves me of my stress.

Sing/play your most favorite song…

dont work 24/7 chill go to the spa relax make some time for yourself

I always start with a great snack, then I take a relaxing bath or nap. Takes the stress right out!

Some things that help me deal with stress are:
Exercise: It releases endorphins, which will make you feel better. I’ve also found that stretching relives both physical and mental tension. My room mate is super stoked right now on yoga for the same reasons. Also, those people doing Tai Chi in the park always look like the most chilled out people ever, but I can’t speak from experience.
Travel: I feel like going somewhere else gives a different perspective on your current situation. I think someone has already suggested this, but a bike ride is great because you travel and exercise in a short amount of time.
Meditation: Used to think it was some hippy bullshit, but it works for me kind of in the same way as travel. Takes practice, but there’s some good stuff to get started on the internet if you Google ‘meditation’.
Sex/Masturbation: Can really take a load off if you catch my drift.
Stay Positive: If you can get stoked on what your doing then it’s not as bad. It’s hard to do this, but this is in large part because we believe that we have to struggle though our duties. We don’t have look at it this way just work to try to change your perspective. You can use your imagination too. When ever I get super bogged down with schoolwork I just make a to do list and equate it to a modern version Heracles’ 12 labors. It makes what I’m doing seem way epic and important and less boring.

These are more like quick fixes with questionable net effects on stress levels. They might be best left for the post finals week chill out session, but, anyway:
Marijuana: Good for meditation. Good for chilling.
Alcohol: Enough said
Kava Kava: Find it at Super Supplements under relaxation supplements.
Answering questions on Yahoo Answers: I’m pretty much in the same boat as you this week. I also have finals week this week and I’m using this service to procrastinate. I have a project due tomorrow. Fuck! I think the guy who said that doing to things that are escapes from your obligations will actually make you more stressed is right. So I should go actually, but here’s my last one under this category.
Tobacco: I need a smoke to chill out when the pressure is on so I’m going to go do that and I hope I was helpful. Peace. Good luck!

Blessings…… Good Question. Pray ,Read-your-Bible, go to church, meditate on the words of God, write, go for long walk, get in touch with nature, spent some time in the woods and relax your mind and silent your thoughts, sit quietly and listen to your heart beat and picture your self doing what ever makes you feel alive and happy, then when you are out of that trance just do it. Have confidence in your self build up some self esteem, call a good and close friend and hang out some, go dancing if you love to dance, and if you drink try some red-wine it is good for the body says the Doctors. And most of all get some companionship , this also is a great help. I hope you can find some peace of mind and have less stress in your life. Take care.

First of all when you are reading for a test if you read one questions answer, then you close your eyes and let ur mind remembers and i am sure that ur mind too relax.For relaxation during your workload, close your eyes and count down from 100 to 01. This works a lot

you think not live some times,relax feeling.

A few suggestions…

Actually keep busy but by doing fun things that don’t involve using your brain too much…Exercise is actually one of the best ways…It will tire you out physically but mentally will relax you..It seems odd but it is very true..

You can read fun things or go out and do fun things with friends..

A great thing to do is yoga…It is totally relaxing..I do that often..
I also look at my 1000 of photos I took from vactions and family gatherings..Things that take my mind of any stressful things in my life..They get me thinking of other fun things and I forget about the stress and sort of go into my dream world mood..

Take a nice long hot bubble bath and maybe have a glass of wine or something warm but without any caffine in it…You will rest better..

Good Luck with your exam…Get a good night sleep …Think possitive thoughts and don’t worry…What you don’t already know by all the studying you did you won’t know by stressing about worrying about at this time..(If you still need to study do what you can but relax as much as possible)

Good to see you again..I been missing for a week here and it seems like a month…:)

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