How to study a high school chemistry textbook?


Posted on : 10-08-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I am using chemistry 2 zumdahl 7th edition.

How should I read this text? Any study tips

More memorization less in-depth understand? What

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For example, Ch.1- Skim the major sections, subheadings, highlighted words and pictures. Read all the questions and activities to see where the authors think the focus should be. Then go back and start at the beginning of the chapter and read for content.

Sound out the letters and they make words :)
Most books have at the beginning of each section there’s a little banner with study tips and it might have you make a box or a simple outline, just follow what those say until you find the best way for you to take notes and stick to it. It’s called guided reading

Taking notes on chapters is key, especially if your teacher focuses a lot on the textbook.
Making flash cards of important vocabulary is also a good idea.

You really just have to find ways of studying that work for you, and apply them to your study time. For me, writing down helps me a lot. And I usually write down important things over and over again to memorize them, as well as just reading my notes. Another thing that helps me is doing the chapter reviews at the end of each chapter and answering the questions whenever I have free time.

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