How to study for a biologhy test that is in 3 days?


Posted on : 22-08-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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I’m starting by making about 250 flashcards of all the terms I need to know. Any tips to help learn this many at once efficiently? Any other study tips also greatly appreciated…

note: It’s a summer condensed college course and requires a lot of “cramming” each week!

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Get off the computer asking questions about studying and start reviewing your course work.

try concept mapping
big sheet of paper, key topic in middle – say digestive system
write key facts around the key topic grouped according to common ideas – eg stomach, acid, pyloric sphincter, digests proteins
label any cross links between groups – link stomach and small intestine groups with digestive lable, link colon rectum groups with absorbtion label

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