How to Study For ANY Science Course In College


Posted on : 26-03-2013 | By : My Study Coach | In : study skills
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How to Study For ANY Science Course In College.

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Comments (22)

Gosh, I think Im going to stick with this channel for next 8 years of my life lol.

my library doesnt have a teachers solution manual for the general chemistry class im taking. if im going to do all the homework problems in the back of the chapter How will i know if i am getting the even numbered questions right?!

I am so glad that I found your channel. 

so did you get good grads with your science courses or you just say this because you hear someone or read it in some book ?

I always find being systematic with o chem is the best way to be successful. Never procrastinate :)

Brother. Thank you.

Can you give us a list of the resources you read in regards to studying?

you love the work “yield” don’t you?

I made the mistake of rereading chapters for my first Gen chem exam and got average -_- but doing the problems helped me ace the class! This is AWESOME ADVICE!

Thanks for the tips, i love you!

Amazing advice

this kid is all jacked up on mountain dew. but he gives good advice

Your videos are great, really good advice and easy to wach. Thank you for keeping them up! :)

great tips by the way!

that periodic table on your wall is very discouraging

“what’s up youtube, welcome to another episode of the undergrad forum.”

i agree

Can you please give a short summary of your year off from medical school? I plan on graduating early and maybe doing research for a year. I will probably take the MCAT during that year. What is your opinion about this? Thanks so much! I’ve literally watched the majority of your videos. Thanks!

This sucks, im in highschool and IM VERY interested in school but I cant acheive high grades. So that means, if you didnt even try in highschool but you did amazing in university, you were so called naturally smart. How am I suppose to acheive amazing grades in universtiy if I cant get 90s in highschool… Very depressing. I work so hard, but I only get low 80s..

thank you so much!!!! :)

thanks doc. I discovered this same concept in gen chem about half way through and significantly improved test scores.

I love your videos – don’t really have much else to say but that, but they’re always helpful and gets straight to the point, which is really nice.

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